Saturday, June 25, 2016

Welcome to my place were anything can happen!!!! This cap is tittled Brian's adventure.

Brian's parents were going out of the country for a 2 week business trip and had left him home alone. They gave him the basic rules like don't destroy the house and what not. So the day after his parents left on his way home from school he saw an old lady getting mugged so he decided to help. He succeeded in stoping the mugging and holding him till the police arrived and arrested the mugger. After the police left the old lady started thanking him for what he had done and asked how she could do anything to help him, jokingly Brian said that she could help him find a relationship. She said it would be easier if he was a girl for that one Brian thought it was a joke as well and told her he had to get home now and walk on to his house. What the old lady had not told Brian was that she was a witch and that night she cast a spell and visited him in his dreams and told him this and that she could give him the body that would be desirable to both male and female so he could finally get the relationship that he wanted and with that she left his dreams. The next day Brian woke and stared at the ceiling for a second and felt a weight on his chest, he looked down and saw two globes of flesh protruding from his chest he shot up and as he did his now long brown hair flew in front of his face he got out of bed and ran over to the mirror to look at the picture of beauty he had turned into. He leaned up against the wall as he looked at himself well herself now and was starting to get aroused looking at herself and began to feel a dampness in her crotch so she started to remove the panties she now wore as her dream of the old lady and what she had said last night came flooding back. To be continued?

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